The Queen with shock and awe

I recently finished Victoria, A Life, by A.N. Wilson. The first biography of Queen Victoria I’d read, I found it full of jaw-dropping surprises. She was not at all what I expected–only her taste in interior decoration fit the stereotype.

More than a long-serving monarch and the Widow of Windsor, she was a fascinating personality during times of enormous change. Wilson’s book allows the reader to follow the politics, the history and personalities from the Corn Laws to the shadows of World War I with clarity with Victoria at the centre of the vortex. Strongly recommended.

Full of surprises

You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backwards. James Thurber

Yesterday I received a very pleasant query decline from an agent’s intern.

To date I’ve had “not right for our list,” declines [as well as other types of positive responses] so this one, which made a comment I didn’t understand, and may even disagree with, gave me pause. I wondered if some rewriting was in order. Not wanting to be inflexible,  I discussed it with a few people.

I was told in no uncertain terms to give my head a shake and wait for more detailed commentary. So that’s what I’m doing–but I know I will wake up at two in the morning and wonder, what did she mean?  I really wish that a) writing wasn’t such an insecure exercise, and b) the process wasn’t so one-sided. I would love a little dialogue, a little elaboration. But never mind. Thanks for saying something more.